Thursday, June 24, 2010

False People

I don't really get some people. I really don't. The main people who say "come to me if you need anything" are the main people to lead you astray. OK...I want to buy an SLR camera. I'm not a newbie to operating cameras but I don't know all the functions hence m trying to buy a camera for myself. So, I decided to ask my friends who have one. My photographer friends. Only ONE has answered. ONE. These people be the main people talking about I'm trying to help other cause nobody helped me and blah, blah, blah. Then the only person who answered my question saying its not just the camera. I asked another question asking for pointers. no reply yet from him or anybody else I asked. I hate that. Don't put yourself out there if you're not gonna help me out Its OK...luckily I know about cameras a tad and am going to go with my instinct. Of course I'm getting a Nikon. I love Nikons. Best cameras on the market in my opinion. Only downfall is if it breaks its my ass since we only have one retailer qualified to fix Nikons. Canons are good to buy Nikons are *sighs* Heavenly pieces of photography. I'm gonna read some more before I buy. I wish I had a friend to help me sometimes. It sucks having to be a loner.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Molasses Mode

I'm off to a bad start this week. Maybe cause I woke up on the wrong side of the bed maybe? Ion know. Its frustrating when I cant write. Hopefully blogging will make my thoughts leak. I need them too. Maybe because I'm locked inside the house. Idk. Maybe I'll roam around the city later this week. I forgot its how time flies. I haven't written anything. My movie is gonna suck. No its not but hey, you never know. Motivation strike me at anytime! *thunder claps* OK. I'm done. Hopefully I'll have better luck later.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Slowpoke Start

What I accomplished this week:
--I figured out the main characters
--Wrote a synopsis of my script
-- Came up with the names of the characters
--wrote one of the songs for my piece

I think I'm doing pretty good. Yay me. *pats self on the back* But real talk....I'm surprised I did that. I think its a sign that I'm maturing and actually am passionate for what I'm doing. Hopefully next week I'll actually write out the dialogue. I need to stop second guessing myself. I'm talented, so say, so I can do it. I haven't told many people on what I'm ACTUALLY DOING per say so I can actually influence myself. I hate when people try to get in my business and tell me how sucky I am. Its happened in dance. Its happened in music. Iv proved them wrong in Ill prove them wrong in film. So many people wish ill on me...i falter but I don't fail. So..anyways, that's it for this week, unless big sh*t pops off tomorrow or Saturday.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Thought Process

I decided when I finished my semester that my first film was gonna be a musical because...well every film director makes a action or horror movie first. I wanna be different. So, Ive been trying to write my own script for it. Keyword: TRY. Its so hard. well not hard but frustrating. I have to babysit and stuff while I'm writing. By the time I'm alone I forget what I'm supposed to write. Since its a musical..I'm writing my own songs too. My mind wanders so much, its amazing I'm sitting down and writing a blog. Janelle Monae helps. Btw I love her :) Eargasm! Anyways...a wandering mind is a gift of a Pisces. Head stays in the clouds..luckily I'm in the cusp of Aries too so I can focus better. I can never finish though. Ive written 3 books in high school..and none are finished. I know I can write. I know wateva and whenever I finish this :masterpiece" of mine it will leave people wanting more. That's how I want my pieces to be. Works of art. I was writing then I got bus then I started thinking about dance moves. Hence I made choreography for a non existent song...and i haven't finished my script yet! I'm a mess. I need help lol. Really though. I will. Soon. Or i might not. ill wait and see. Also the Tony awards were on last night, it felt good to see Denzel get a Tony. I want to get a Tony one day. My mom says I'm trying to do so much because i wanna do a musical. I say its never too late nor is it too early. Imma get there one day mama, one day. I'm too determined to quit.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So...yesterday (and today) I watched RENT for the first time. I'm so late when it comes to films that's why I wanted to become a film director. Its weird I never watched it being that Imma dancer and musician nshit. I loved it. Cried and everything. I'm a big baby lol. Rent wad so moving. To me...its a perfect example how artists should be as a community. Loving. Supportive. Family. Rent also had a message...i learned that from watching the Tony Awards. Rent is about people with aids. I believe that's why it touched me. The producer of the screenplay took his friends lives and made a message to the generations to come. I watched it today and cried again.  I cant help it...I loved Angel.  I'm glad i watched it. I needed to. I want my first movie to be a musical. I want it to touch people. I want people to walk out the theater crying and laughing. I want people to feel something when they watch my creation.Well all my creations. Rent was my motivation. Also today I finally watched Funny Face. A while back a friend of mine said I reminded him of Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face. I see why. I'm a big Audrey fan. She's so iconic. Real beauty and actress. I love her. I love Fred Astaire too. Great dancer. I think every film director needs a musical in their life. Life is not always guns and killing. I love horror movies and action moves too. but everybody wants to direct one. I want to be different. I'm going the musical way. Not cheesy like High School Musical though. Yuck. 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First Experience


Today I'm writing about being on my first set. Im a first semester college student. I took 2 film classes, a film production class and a Intern class. Im glad I took the intern class cause me and my film teacher wasnt working. He decided to only do editing this semester. the ENTIRE semester. I swear I got SO tired of editing that damn Gunsmoke clip that it was recited in my damn dreams. My intern class started and I started learning all the facets of film(which i'll blog about another day), which was alot and i LOVED every minute learning about it. In the middle of the semester is when we really got hands on in my intern class. We made a movie! A silent movie but a movie nonetheless. I was makeup/hair. Figures. Imma girl. It was AWESOME. I love my crew. We really became close like a family all those days we shot. I remember we were really close after day 1 because we shot from 4:30 pm to 2am the nxt morning! We ate Hungry Howies and laughed so much during break and in between scenes. *sigh* I love those guys. Hopefully we'll make something shake later on in life. i believe we will *wink* Just in this one semsester I learned so much. You can never learn enough and I dont plan on stopping anytime soon.

Monday, June 7, 2010

First time

My first post :) *squeals* Ok im done. lol. I'll introduce myself. Name's Mia. Im a film student. My blog will be about film and me making my breakthrough in the film world and stuff like that. Every now and then I'll probably write some stuff about fashion and music. Film is my main while music and fashion are my faithful sidelines. So stick around...and I'll have some intresting stuff.