Thursday, June 17, 2010

Slowpoke Start

What I accomplished this week:
--I figured out the main characters
--Wrote a synopsis of my script
-- Came up with the names of the characters
--wrote one of the songs for my piece

I think I'm doing pretty good. Yay me. *pats self on the back* But real talk....I'm surprised I did that. I think its a sign that I'm maturing and actually am passionate for what I'm doing. Hopefully next week I'll actually write out the dialogue. I need to stop second guessing myself. I'm talented, so say, so I can do it. I haven't told many people on what I'm ACTUALLY DOING per say so I can actually influence myself. I hate when people try to get in my business and tell me how sucky I am. Its happened in dance. Its happened in music. Iv proved them wrong in Ill prove them wrong in film. So many people wish ill on me...i falter but I don't fail. So..anyways, that's it for this week, unless big sh*t pops off tomorrow or Saturday.


  1. As an aspiring writer, I can totally relate. I've written 2 full novels, but when I look them over I second guess myself and say that it's stupid, or it's obvious or it's too sappy. So, I scrap the whole thing and start something new. Even though lots of my friends, family, and all of my teachers have told me that I'm a great writer, I still think it sucks. The last novel that I started, I only got through maybe the first chapter and I got lazy and gave up. Surprisingly, you do need confidence and bravery to be even a writer.

    Oh, and coming up with the names, characters, character personalities was like the hardest part for me. I just started writing and put blanks where a name would go. Lol. Good luck though, I'm sure it will kick ass!

  2. Its so frustrating! GRRRR! Lmao. But thats :) Hopefully it will be good tho.