Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So...yesterday (and today) I watched RENT for the first time. I'm so late when it comes to films that's why I wanted to become a film director. Its weird I never watched it being that Imma dancer and musician nshit. I loved it. Cried and everything. I'm a big baby lol. Rent wad so moving. To me...its a perfect example how artists should be as a community. Loving. Supportive. Family. Rent also had a message...i learned that from watching the Tony Awards. Rent is about people with aids. I believe that's why it touched me. The producer of the screenplay took his friends lives and made a message to the generations to come. I watched it today and cried again.  I cant help it...I loved Angel.  I'm glad i watched it. I needed to. I want my first movie to be a musical. I want it to touch people. I want people to walk out the theater crying and laughing. I want people to feel something when they watch my creation.Well all my creations. Rent was my motivation. Also today I finally watched Funny Face. A while back a friend of mine said I reminded him of Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face. I see why. I'm a big Audrey fan. She's so iconic. Real beauty and actress. I love her. I love Fred Astaire too. Great dancer. I think every film director needs a musical in their life. Life is not always guns and killing. I love horror movies and action moves too. but everybody wants to direct one. I want to be different. I'm going the musical way. Not cheesy like High School Musical though. Yuck. 

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