Monday, June 14, 2010

Thought Process

I decided when I finished my semester that my first film was gonna be a musical because...well every film director makes a action or horror movie first. I wanna be different. So, Ive been trying to write my own script for it. Keyword: TRY. Its so hard. well not hard but frustrating. I have to babysit and stuff while I'm writing. By the time I'm alone I forget what I'm supposed to write. Since its a musical..I'm writing my own songs too. My mind wanders so much, its amazing I'm sitting down and writing a blog. Janelle Monae helps. Btw I love her :) Eargasm! Anyways...a wandering mind is a gift of a Pisces. Head stays in the clouds..luckily I'm in the cusp of Aries too so I can focus better. I can never finish though. Ive written 3 books in high school..and none are finished. I know I can write. I know wateva and whenever I finish this :masterpiece" of mine it will leave people wanting more. That's how I want my pieces to be. Works of art. I was writing then I got bus then I started thinking about dance moves. Hence I made choreography for a non existent song...and i haven't finished my script yet! I'm a mess. I need help lol. Really though. I will. Soon. Or i might not. ill wait and see. Also the Tony awards were on last night, it felt good to see Denzel get a Tony. I want to get a Tony one day. My mom says I'm trying to do so much because i wanna do a musical. I say its never too late nor is it too early. Imma get there one day mama, one day. I'm too determined to quit.

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